Sunday, September 14, 2008

Holiday Home Decorators and Hand Stamped Jewelry

I, along with the two other girls I work with, are officially counting down to our busy season. October 2- 5 is the Holiday Galleria. This will be our first year to exhibit. We began "Holiday Home Decorators" 3 years ago. This is hard to believe. Kamden was about 7 months old. Together the three of us decided that there was a need for seasonal residential decorating. So, we boosted up each others confidence levels (kinda) and began pounding the pavement with fliers offering our services. Before we even got home to take calls, the answering machine had messages waiting. Okay, now what? We were definitely flying by the seat of our pants!!! But, it all turned out good, actually GREAT!!! Better than we could of expected. We had 3 significant sized jobs and a few other small things. Not too bad for the amount of marketing we did.

Year two, we went completely by word of mouth and with return customers. We did no advertising at all. Again, a pretty successful year considering. This year, I guess you could say that we are going "BIG TIME!!" We submitted our application to be accepted into the Galleria and we got accepted! Now, panic time. Will we have enough stuff. We don't want to appear small town. We have to display talent and class. Can we do it?!?!?! I guess time will tell. Only a few more weeks until the showdown. We have 7 weddings this months too. So, in between all of this chaos, we have to be in the Christmas Spirit! The weather has been helping. We are actually praying for chilly weather the first week in October!

One of the new things we are trying as an extra to put some $$ in our pockets is Hand Stamped Jewelry. We just purchased the tools to make the jewelry. Here is one of the first ones I made for myself. Let me know what you think. We have seen these charms worn on a simple silver chain but I liked it on the turquoise stones. I am also making some shirts with a cross or peace sign appliqued and some funky stitching. I have two in the works. I will post a pic when I get one done. In the mean time, here is a pic of the jewelry. Let me know what you think. Is it a hit or not?


KCAimee said...

I LOVE it!!!

Get some pix & prices together so that I can start sending people your way.

Brandi said...

Glad you liked it. It is really hard to photography without a glare. I finally had to have Kadyn put it on and stand in some natural light so there wouldn't be a glare. Don't tell him you know that is him in the pic with my jewelry on. He is such a good sport but would die if he knew that you knew it was him.

Chris, Shelley and Addison said...

I think I want one!!!

Sarah said...

That is really cute! I love it! Maybe I can help you market the jewelery out here in AZ!

KCAimee said...

Get ready for the onslaught. I'm sending people over!!