Thursday, September 4, 2008

Garage Sale Craze

Since the news of our new arrival in March, I have begun the nesting process. Well, maybe not exactly but I guess the fact that we are going to have to convert one of our storage bedrooms in the basement to an actual bedroom has finally hit. So, in my efforts to go through our junk, I decided that maybe a garage sale wouldn't be a bad idea. My friend Christina and her husband just bought a new house and will be moving soon. So, in talking with her, we decided between the two of us, we could get rid of some junk!! Plus, they currently live at the perfect location for a garage sale. Lots and lots of traffic!

This proved to be true. Last Thursday and Friday, we threw our stuff out on her drive and began the two day adventure. Thursday was ridiculously hot and miserable and we wondered why we decided to do this. We both had some fairly large items to get rid of. So, the traffic was not a problem. We even sold a ton of clothes. I figured, I would drag them out and since the Goodwill is just around the corner from her house, I would just drop them off after it was all over. My big ticket items were my old washer and dryer, a recliner, a childs saddle, and some drapes.

Thursday ended fairly successful. We still had most of the bigger items left. Friday was a much nicer day! It was very cool and much more enjoyable than Thursday. At one point, we had to drag everything into the garage because of a little thunderstorm that rolled through. We did end up getting rid of about 85 - 90% of the junk. YEAH!!! The best part of the day was when the guy who bought our washer and dryer left with it in his car. Yep, that's right! He put both of them in his car. Christina had gone inside to put her little one down for a nap. We had her camera out earlier taking pics of the boys playing with a catapiller and in the rain. So, luckily her camera was right there. She came out just in time to help the guy tie down his treasures. Would you believe that he had to travel 100 miles like this? These pics have made for some good conversation. We definately had a good laugh!!!!


Chris, Shelley and Addison said...

You might be a redneck if....

KCAimee said...

Oh, that is wrong in so many ways!