Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hat's Off

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!! This is the reason KU won the championship!!!

The cake Eric decorated. WOW!!
Stacy, Mary and Keely

Mary and Jessica

Mary as a blonde or Hannah Montana!?!?

Mary and her daughter Jessica
All of us!

Last Saturday there was a hat shower to honor and support Mary in her fight against breast cancer. She is so amazingly strong!! She continues her fun and bubbly self with a smile always on her face:-) She received so many different hats and scarfs! Hannah Montana hat to "Save the Ta-Ta's". She modeled each and every one of them. Keely's and her husband Eric made a beautiful cake to celebrate. Here are some pics to share. Please continue praying for Mary and her family!


Jennifer said...

Hi Brandi!

I'm tagging you! Check out my blog to see what to do.

Jennifer (Aimee's friend)