Friday, May 23, 2008

The Three Little Pigs

For Kamden's birthday, Gram took him, Kadyn and Hannah to Wichita Children's Theatre to see the production of The Three Little Pigs. It was wonderful!!! They loved it! Hannah got a little scared of the big bad wolf (mostly because it was during nap time and she was very sleepy). Every since we've been to the play, the little ones are constantly playing like they are the pigs hiding from the Big Bad Wolf and also saying "little pig, little pig let me come in", "not by the hair of my chinny, chin chin", "well then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down". It is so cute! I am going to have to get some video of it.

After it was all over, we had to make a few stops. What I haven't posted about (which could be an entire posting on it's own), is that my mom is preparing for their Alaskan Cruise. So, everytime we are in Wichita, we have to make a quick stop to either Dillards, Eddie Bauer, or wherever their might be a sale. I am beginning to think that she is going to outfit everyone on the ship. I feel sorry for dad, having to carry the suitcase that she will be lugging along on this trip. So, while she shopped, I entertained the kids outside. Hannah and Kamden were Best Friends! Kadyn could of cared less. He HATES shopping and was ready to get home. But a little bribe and a promise of ice cream did the trick.


KCAimee said...

An Alaskan cruise? And they didn't invite me, their adopted daughter? I'm so offended! I LOVE the picture of H and K holding hands. That is precious.